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Log book Stats for serious racers

Enter your run information and get back 90+ visual data points (and growing). Keep tabs on the performance of you and your car.

Analyze your season, recognize trends, and catch your weaknesses in time.

Plans start at free and go up to an affordable done-for-you solution.

Who's This NOT For?

If you’re not serious about your bracket or Sportsman program.. if you don’t love analyzing your own performance in order to improve… feel free to close the browser window now. 

Who's it for?

If you DO want to improve and don’t mind putting in the work to become better, I’m working to make Timeslip Charts into the ideal vehicle- and driver-performance introspective grading tool. 

Timeslip Charts exists for the data and analysis-driven bracket or index racer. This works best if you keep your run tickets and/or submit opponent’s run data as well.

Take your log book and quickly analyze it: overview and in-depth data pulled and displayed for you. 

Whether you’re “a computer guy” or not doesn’t matter. That’s my job. 

Your job is to want to improve. Join me.

How's It Work?

Timeslip entry form

1. Enter your runs

Enter your runs in our system, which creates a Digital Log Book for you. As you go through the year, fill in your races. It's very easy. Or, get the Platinum plan and we'll do it all for you.

Dashboard screen

2. Upload to the system

An instantaneous, automagically generated report in your account. When more charts are added later, you can pull back up your report and see the new charts too. View our pricing page to compare features.

What's included (so far)

  • Reaction time distribution
  • Reaction Time Overview: Wins/Losses when your light is better, worse, or red
  • Percent of time you were first off the line
  • Round win percentage
  • Percent of wins if you were first off the line
  • How your reaction time changes depending on the hour of day
  • How your ET changes depending on month of the year
  • Consistency of your 60' times from race to race
  • Average stripe when you win or lose
  • Your average reaction time (win and lose)
  • All opponent's average reaction time (win and lose)
  • All average 60', 330, 660, 1000' times
  • Average above/below dial when you win/lose
  • ...With more being added all the time

What Racers Are Saying

“All my racing friends need to check this out.”
blase raia
Blase Raia
"The looks of everything are awesome and it will be super easy to go through the information."
asti brothers
Chris & Tanner Asti
"I have recently made the switch to Hoosier tires. I have last years runs logged with my old tires... I will be able to provide my tire specialist with real information of a graph and a chart to show how those tires compare."
rob fisher
Rob Fisher
"A great tool for any die hard bracket racer."
travis buth
Travis Buth
"The charts are great... It will be interesting to see the data all grow throughout the season."
brandon barker
Brandon Barker
"Awesome! Thanks a bunch for letting me utilize this to make my racing operation better."
blake hooper
Blake Hooper



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