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Thanks for checking out Timeslip Charts. ELITE has been absolutely amazing to me, and I want to pay it forward.

In cooperation with ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE, you can get 10% off any Timeslip Charts product using the same ELITE code you use to get 10% off parts through TIBR. If you don’t have this code, search your emails for “TIBR ELITE Member Discount” or it’s listed at the bottom of this video’s description (click here).

To read about the differences, scroll down to “How do I enter runs?” below.

What do I get?

  • 10+ page 2019 Season Report PDF with visuals and figures for your reaction times, how you compare to opponents and your category, how you drove the stripe, the results of races based on who crossed the stripe first or got the light, how you drove against varying speeds of cars, and way more.


How do I enter runs?

Choose the NHRA Racer Method if
– you have at least 40 elimination runs in NHRA (national and/or divisional) competition in one single category, let us know which category and we’ll pull those!
Choose the CSV Method if
– your current log book allows an export to .csv (such as Family Software), simply send us the .csv file.
Choose the Done-For-You Method if…
– you’d rather scan your log book from 2019 and send it to us to enter for you
Choose the DIY Method if…
– you want to be sent a form which allows you to enter runs from your slips or log book. Keep in mind each run takes roughly 2 minutes to enter, so at 100 elimination runs or more, it might be worthwhile to pay the extra $50 for us to enter them for you (select the Done-For-You Method)

I have another question first

Email me: jacob at timeslipcharts dot com

What’s on the reports?

  • If you’re strong or weak converting a reaction time advantage to a win (you get graded compared to your class)
  • How much of a reaction time advantage or disadvantage you usually get, and if you win or lose because of them
  • How well you do during double breakouts
  • Various distances at the stripe under various circumstances, like whether you’re the faster or slower car
  • Percentage of .00 lights, .01 lights, etc, and compare that to your class
  • How risky you’re being at the starting line
  • Reaction time visuals by round – do you fall off as the rounds go on?
  • How well you handle crossing first or second and the outcomes
  • How well you tighten up the stripe when you try to
  • And more

Get professional grade, premium analytics just like the NBA, NFL, and others, but for a fraction of the price. If you’re a “numbers guy” or want an easy way to become one, this is for you.