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Step 1: Choose a car to enter all the runs for (phone or computer)

3026 Entry Form

3026 Truck Entry Form

3655 Entry Form

Thrasher Top Entry Form

Thrasher Bottom Entry Form

Step 2: Choose a Digital Log Book you’re ready to save and see (best on a computer)

3026 Digital Log Book

3026 Truck Digital Log Book

3655 Digital Log Book

Thrasher Top Digital Log Book

Thrasher Bottom Digital Log Book

When you “download as”, it will save to a folder on your computer. You should create a New Folder and rename it something like Timeslip Charts so you know where they all are saved.

Saving as xlsx

Step 3: Upload and view (best on a computer)

Go to (or simply go to the website and click Login at the top, which works too; be sure to click Remember Me so it’ll save your info) then Upload new sheet.

  1. Click Upload New Sheet (#3 in picture)
  2. Choose File (then pick from your computer where you saved it) (#12)
  3. Name it so you know what races are on it and can search for it later (#13)
  4. Click Upload (#14)