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Dashboard Layout & Explanations

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Chart Dashboard Layout

1. Chart History. Allows you to switch to view an old chart. See below.
2. Your account. Click your name to change password or logout. Paid accounts will save the charts in the Chart History.
3. Upload New Sheet. Adds a finalized log book to the system, see #12-15 below.
4. Export as PDF. Save the current chart being displayed as a PDF. It’s no longer interactive, but does allow you to save it indefinitely.
5. Subscription Date. The date your account was created.
6. Expiry Date. The date your subscription will expire and/or renew. This is when #8 refreshes as well.
7. Total Uploads. How many times you’ve added a log book to the system.
8. Remaining Uploads. How many more log books you can upload to #3 Upload New Sheet until the date shown at #6.
9. Remaining Days. How long until the #6 Expiry Date.
10. Bonus Uploads. Kind of like Christmas. Any log book Uploads use up this counter first (if any shown) before using your #8 Remaining Uploads.
11. Knowledge Base. How to get to where you are now.

Upload New Sheet Popup

12. Select File. Click “Choose File” to select your finalized log book in xlsx form.
13. Title. Name your log book, which becomes #17 below. Best to name it something that tells you exactly which runs you used on that chart.
14. Upload button. After choosing the file and title, click to upload. When it’s complete, click away from the pop up to close it.

Chart History Popup

15. Search bar. Accounts are limited to 20 saved uploads, but if you want to narrow your choices for uploaded log books, you can use this. You can also click the arrows next to the column headers “Uploaded Date” and “Sheet Title” to sort 0-9/A-Z.
16. Uploaded Date. This is, of course, when the chart shown was uploaded.
17. Sheet Title. The name you gave the sheet in #13 above.
18. Select. Choose this log book to populate the charts to display again.
19. Delete. Removes this as a saved file, however it does not return an upload count.


20. Chart Menu. Click the three dots and select About Chart to learn a bit about how to interpret the results, and what to keep in mind about that particular chart.