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Entering Timeslips

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I probably don’t need to diagram what a timeslip is or what each part of it means. If you do need help with that, I’d be happy to walk you through it, just send me a message here.

When you first sign up, you’ll be given two links in an email:

  1. A link to your Log Book Entry Form
  2. A link to your Digital Log Book (data from the Form is placed in it for you)

To enter your timeslip and run information, you’ll go to your “Timeslip Entry Form.” You can do this on your phone between rounds, after the race, whenever you want. You can also do it on the computer. For faster access to this file, you can bookmark this page.

Timeslip entry form
The Timeslip Entry Form

Pro Tip: In many browsers, simply typing the title in the website address (URL) bar will bring it up as an option. So after visiting it, try typing Entry Form and see if it comes up.

Once you open this document, it is a top-down document that is, for the most part, self explanatory.

The top half is your run information, followed by weather information (if you have it), and finally the opponent’s information if it’s a competition round. The form has little descriptions that gives clues exactly what it necessary for each step.

The main goal of Timeslip Charts is to see how you stack up and perform during a race. It’s hard to tell how you’re doing against the competition without putting in the competition’s numbers too!

If you don’t have a piece of information you can leave it out. For example, I don’t run a box, so I wouldn’t put anything into the delay or bump options. I also don’t log weather, so those would be blank for me too. If you don’t know what was behind the tree that round (looking into the sun, clouds, night, etc) you can ignore that one as well.

However, some data is basically mandatory, and those are marked by a red asterisk. Also know that the computer will check for a “oppCar” entry, or opponent’s car number, to determine if it’s going to read or ignore everything else from the opponent. So if you’re entering opponent information, putting the actual opponent’s car number there is best. But if you need to, just enter 123 so the computer knows to look at the rest of the opponent’s information.

After you enter everything you have for a run, click Submit at the bottom of the form to have it placed into the Digital Log Book. After submitting, it will ask you if you want to edit (if you think you made a mistake) or submit another ticket. Continue this way until all tickets have been entered.

After submitting, you can always quit and come back later to continue. Everything you’ve submitted is saved automatically.

For tips on typing in your information more quickly, click here.

When you’ve entered all your runs (whether it’s one race or one entire season) it’s time to save the log book and upload it to the website. Click here to go to Step 2.