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Tips for Going Fast

Tips for Going Fast

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Entering timeslips will get annoying and “take forever.” But extra effort is what separates you from everybody else. This should become a system: a repeatable set of actions designed for maximum efficiency.

Here are some tips to help you enter your timeslips as quickly as possible:

  1. Create a stand for your slips/log book. If you have an angled board the timeslips or Log Book Printable can rest on, it will free up both hands. You can use your right hand for the numbers (see #4 below) and your left hand for the tab key (see #3 below).
  2. Use the tab key and space bar. To drop to the next line, you don’t need to even touch the mouse. Press “Tab” on your keyboard to instantly drop to the next line after typing a number. When you press “Tab” and you get to your car number or track, again you don’t need to use the mouse. Press space bar to select it, then Tab again to move on.
  3. Use proper technique. On a full-sized keyboard, there’s a number pad on the far right. It IS possible to type numbers without looking. And if you’re going to be getting the most out of Timeslip Charts, you’re best bet is to learn proper technique now: put your middle finger of your right hand on the 5, with your index on 4 and ring on 6. Each finger will use the column it’s on.
  4. Have a friend or spouse help. Though I’d still advocate for learning a new skill (like a number pad), you can also get someone near you to help. Split it into two jobs: one person to read the information aloud, in the correct order, and one person to look at the keyboard to type it in. Don’t forget to use the tab key and space bar to make it even quicker.
  5. Print and use our paper log book at the track. Click here to open and print our simple log book. These can be hole punched and placed in a 1″ binder, which you can get anywhere for $1. They have all the boxes you will need to fill out into the system. When you get home, placing this sheet upright next to your computer could make looking at the numbers faster.
  6. Go Platinum. Platinum customers get to be lazy. Print our log book and fill it in. Send us a scan/picture, then we upload all your runs for you. Platinum customers can even request any special range or race list ready-to-view in your account based on your requests. Read more about the different plans.