Log book analysis done for you

Fill out the log book

Print our provided log book as many times as you want.

Send the picture or scan

Up to 50 races (log sheets) per year, which is plenty for almost every racer.

Email us your race requests

Up to 10 uploads created for you.

Get a done-for-you report

After a couple of days, see the analyzed results. (And new analytics added to existing charts free.)

What's included (so far)

  • Reaction time distribution
  • Reaction Time Overview: Wins/Losses when your light is better, worse, or red
  • Percent of time you were first off the line
  • Round win percentage
  • Percent of wins if you were first off the line
  • How your reaction time changes depending on the hour of day
  • How your ET changes depending on month of the year
  • Consistency of your 60' times from race to race
  • Average stripe when you win or lose
  • Your average reaction time (win and lose)
  • All opponent's average reaction time (win and lose)
  • All average 60', 330, 660, 1000' times
  • Average above/below dial when you win/lose
  • ...With more being added all the time

The Platinum Plan

The white glove, done-for-you, data-on-demand plan.

See your log book in a whole new way.

$297 $197

Per year

  • See your performance in a new way
  • Simple write > pic > send process
  • Send up to 50 races per year
  • Interactive, descriptive charts
  • 10 uploads on demand
  • 250 uploads DIY
  • Reports saved, access any time
  • New charts added to old reports free
  • Unlimited PDF downloads of reports
  • Knowledge Base support
  • Top tier email support

What our beta-testers say

“All my racing friends need to check this out.”
blase raia
Blase Raia
"The looks of everything are awesome and it will be super easy to go through the information."
asti brothers
Chris & Tanner Asti
"I have recently made the switch to Hoosier tires. I have last years runs logged with my old tires... I will be able to provide my tire specialist with real information of a graph and a chart to show how those tires compare."
rob fisher
Rob Fisher
"A great tool for any die hard bracket racer."
travis buth
Travis Buth
"The charts are great... It will be interesting to see the data all grow throughout the season."
brandon barker
Brandon Barker
"Awesome! Thanks a bunch for letting me utilize this to make my racing operation better."
blake hooper
Blake Hooper

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