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2019 Report



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What do I get?

  • 10+ page 2019 Season Report PDF with visuals and figures for your reaction times, how you compare to opponents and your category, how you drove the stripe, the results of races based on who crossed the stripe first or got the light, how you drove against varying speeds of cars, and way more. In short, a visual representation of your log book.

How’s it work?

If you ran the NHRA circuit this season, let us know the category and we can create a report for you in that category. (Each additional category requires a separate order.)

If you have a current run logging system that allows you to export as a CSV file (like Family Software, for example), send us the CSV.  

If neither of those are you, there is a way for you to enter the runs yourself. Or for $99 send us scans of your log book and we will enter your runs and develop the report. Click here to order that service instead.

What’s on the reports?

  • If you’re strong or weak converting a reaction time advantage to a win (you get graded compared to your class)
  • How much of a reaction time advantage or disadvantage you usually get, and if you win or lose because of them
  • How well you do during double breakouts
  • Various distances at the stripe under various circumstances, like whether you’re the faster or slower car
  • Percentage of .00 lights, .01 lights, etc, and compare that to your class
  • How risky you’re being at the starting line
  • Reaction time visuals by round – do you fall off as the rounds go on?
  • How well you handle crossing first or second and the outcomes
  • How well you tighten up the stripe when you try to
  • And more

And all for about the price of one buy back (which you won’t need next season, right?).



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