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Step 1: Choose a car to enter all the runs for (phone or computer)

Step 2: Choose a Digital Log Book you’re ready to save and see (best on a computer)

When you “download as”, it will save to a folder on your computer. You should create a New Folder and rename it something like Timeslip Charts so you know where they all are saved.

Step 3: Upload and view (best on a computer)

Go to (or simply go to the website and click Login at the top, which works too; be sure to click Remember Me so it’ll save your info) then Upload new sheet.

  1. Click Upload New Sheet (#3 in picture)
  2. Choose File (then pick from your computer where you saved it) (#12)
  3. Name it so you know what races are on it and can search for it later (#13)
  4. Click Upload (#14)