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In-Depth Log Book & Drag Racing Analysis

Analyze and visualize your season like never before and catch you weaknesses in time.

Learn about what it takes to compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Take the emotion out of it

In the heat of the moment, not all of us log every run (like when you’re out in the semis). But every run is important.

Not all of us log our opponent’s information. But knowing what they did gives us clues later.

After a season, how do you know if you were really performing to the best of your abilities?

How do you compare to your peers? 

How do you hit the tree? How do you drive the stripe? How can you improve?


Collaborative Effort

We're racers too and want to work with you to improve your operation.

New Insights

See your timeslips in a new way. Get information you've never had before.


Descriptive statistics that's actually useful.

PDF reports

Get a file that you can take anywhere and look at any time. Print it and add it to your 2019 files for review as often as you want.

Professional sports stats now ready for drag racers

There’s no reason the NFL and NCAA deserve all the cool stuff. 

The MLB has been stats-obsessed for years.

Now you can have the power of performance analytics in your hand.

Affordable reports for all levels of drag racers.

Optimize your performance and keep up on driving trends.

Who am I?

Jacob during an exclusive interview with Luke Bogacki for ThisIsBracketRacing ELITE

I started early with many years in the Jr Dragster ranks. Graduating to “big cars,” I ran many different vehicles since. I’ve been a bracket racer for over two decades.

I’ve won five track championships at the famed Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis across three categories. I even won Pro ET and Sportsman ET points in the same car in 2018.

Professionally, I’ve got the rare triple certification in xray, CT, and MRI with experience everywhere from small to medium hospitals and Level I trauma centers. So using what I know in high-pressure situations is nothing new to me.

I’ve since heavily slowed down from racing myself in order to focus on a growing family, Timeslip Charts, and our new Jr Dragster program.

What we've got (so far)

What Racers Are Saying

“All my racing friends need to check this out.”
blase raia
Blase Raia
"The looks of everything are awesome and it will be super easy to go through the information."
asti brothers
Chris & Tanner Asti
"I have recently made the switch to Hoosier tires. I have last years runs logged with my old tires... I will be able to provide my tire specialist with real information of a graph and a chart to show how those tires compare."
rob fisher
Rob Fisher
"A great tool for any die hard bracket racer."
travis buth
Travis Buth
"The charts are great... It will be interesting to see the data all grow throughout the season."
brandon barker
Brandon Barker
"Awesome! Thanks a bunch for letting me utilize this to make my racing operation better."
blake hooper
Blake Hooper

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